The Value Guys

Some people like to listen to the Car Talk guys on Saturday mornings.  I sometimes catch their show on NPR while I make my trek down to the local coffee shop for my morning espresso.  I’m not inherently a car guy but Click and Clack are entertaining enough to keep my attention after I have turned off my car and I’m sitting in the driveway.   However, since I’m a value guy, what makes a perfect Saturday morning for me is getting a run in, drinking my espresso, reading Barron’s and listening to a podcast I recently discovered.

The Value Guys podcast provides an entertaining overview of stocks by two 30-year Wall Street analysts that took on the secret identities Val Hughes and Moe Mentum.  Val admits to admiring the Car Talk guys and the pair have done a good job providing as entertaining a show while they present three to four stock ideas based on a screen that they have done.   Many of the ideas are intriguing as Val and Moe discuss them after having done no research.  It is clear to me that they are intelligent, experienced and savvy stock pickers.  At the end of each episode, they disclose their favorite stock that was discussed.

Whopper Investments started a brilliant deliberate practice series on his blog.  It motivated me to start practicing what I love to do in a more deliberate fashion.  I thought his project was ambitious.  With my hectic lifestyle, I was finding participating in his deliberate practice series a challenging but rewarding.  Whooper impressed me with his ability to come up with the case studies and the materials for his series.  Whopper is a prolific blogger but it seems that the deliberate practice series has dropped off his radar.  That’s okay.

In the spirit of deliberate practice, I am going to use The Value Guys podcast as a screen for my deliberate practice.  I like Moe but since I’m a value guy, I am going to take Val’s stock pick as my assignment for further research.  After reading the 10-K and any other relevant filings, I will post my research.

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  3. JW says:

    Thanks. Had not heard of these guys before.

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