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Investigative Journalism and Investing

Basically news people and I are in same business.   I mean I go out and I try to report essentially on a company.  I try to evaluate, I try to evaluate its management, I try to evaluate its competition, its … Continue reading

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One Hour a Day for Yourself, The Other Eight for Bradlee

Its assigning yourself the right story and I said this to Woodward, why don’t you just assign yourself a story to work on between six and seven in the morning, they always want me to tell them what stocks to … Continue reading

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Book Review: Moonwalking with Einstein

Moonwalking with Einstein inspired Whopper at the Whopper Investments blog to develop a process of deliberate practice after he read the book.  This in turn, inspired me to develop a more deliberate practice regime for myself.  The passage that inspired Whopper … Continue reading

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